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Busing from San Jose Costa Rica to Playas Del Coco. We just did this May 26th 2018. 2 Adults and 2 kids, 4 and 7 years old.

THERE ARE NO BATHROOMS ON THE BUS. THEY WILL NOT STOP FOR YOU OR YOUR KID TO USE THE BATHROOM. (Bring a bottle, diaper and limit their liquid intake!)

First you need to grab a bus in San Jose.

Bus leaves at 8AM 2PM 4PM EVERY DAY of the week.

Cost $19500 Colon for 4. (Under 2 or 3yrs old they are free) we purchased tickets on Saturday at 1PM for the 2PM bus, had 10 or more seats still empty when we left, so some wiggle room but not a lot.


Normal luggage and bags are OK, but we had to pay $2000 COLON for weird ones…. Big Baby stroller and a Rubbermaid tote, so $4000, I just had to pay the guy at the bus door for it (in cash,) not at the counter. (They consider anything other than a normal bag to be cargo….)

See Playas Del Coco specific schedule on the bottom of the picture.

Bathrooms cost $200 Colon a the San Jose bus station.

This is the bus name, look for it to make sure you get the right bus, it pulled up about 20 or so minutes early but never let anyone on right away.

Your ticket will have a seat number, you have to sit in it.

Bus had a handicap place for a wheelchair, even had functioning looking hook belts for strapping down the wheelchair. But it would be a very tall lift to get the chair into the bus.

Bus ride is about 4.5 hours smooth sailing.

Few stops I posted screenshots below.

ONE place to go to the bathroom halfway through. 20m stop and you can grab a bite to eat on the run, they kick everyone one off and lock the bus so you can leave your stuff on there. A full meal for about $3000 Colon. Lots of snack stuff and small bakery… but we are gluten free so we passed that one by.

Set a timer or listen for when they call your bus. (Spanish only)

Bathrooms are free.

Arrived at the Pulmitan de Liberia bus station on Playas del Coco. It was dark, no guard around (or anyone much) some taxis came by, it was raining hard, we had 4 ppl and a lot of luggage, I got a random guy to call for a taxi van to come get us. If he wasn’t there and you have too much luggage for a small car you would need to take trips or something… They say its safe but the bus left pretty quickly and we would have been there all by ourselves with our stuff. If you have a phone you can call local with maybe try to get a taxi number on hand in case.

Any questions or comments, please post below!